Lugging around heavy tires is no fun. Adding the right items to your toolkit will transform your tire-changing experience from daunting to doable.

You already have what you need to change a tire.

A car jack

A lug wrench

A set of tires or a spare

Here’s what makes it easy and painless.

A Jack and Jill tire trolley
(yes, that’s all you need)

Tires, handled.

Learn how a tire trolley helps you work smarter, not harder.

See the Jack and Jill of All Tires in Action:

Maneuver (back and forth)
Lift (on and off)
Align (up and down)



Easy to Assemble

Easy to Store

When I came across the Jack and Jill of All Tires, it seemed like a no-brainer for someone who likes to do tire changes themselves. It made a remarkable difference on how quick and efficient it became to change my tires. It was especially beneficial for me, as I’m older and driving a midsize pickup truck. Using the device was very simple and saved me a great deal of time. It also saved strain on the body when it came to dealing with my 32” tires and had no issues handling the weight of my tires. I was above and beyond impressed with the overall quality and how well it held up to the task at hand.

- Joshua F.