“I won’t always be there to change your tires for you.”

“You don’t want to rely on others to do it.”

“If you got a flat in an area without cell signal, you’d be in danger.”

It all started with a simple thought.

Changing a tire is a necessary skill for all drivers, and Anna needed her kids to understand that — starting with her eldest, Devan, as soon as she got her license. As the story goes, teenagers can’t be told what’s good for them. Parents have to show them a better way.

It really hit home when Devan went off to university. Anna pictured her stuck on her commute, late at night, awkwardly handling heavy car tires on a busy highway shoulder. Devan would never do it unless the process was painless. There had to be a tool to remove the physical strain and struggle to make the job faster and easier — getting her off the road and arriving home safe.

Taking matters into our own hands.

When she couldn’t find something like that on the market, Anna took matters into her own hands. She envisioned a product that would help hold, maneuver, position and align tires, that was portable and easy to use. Something not only for replacing a flat tire, but would save time, money, and your bad back when swapping all-season and winter tires.

Designed with a can-do attitude (and the simple principle of leverage) the Jack and Jill of All Tires does the work for you, making the job easier — and effortless. This simple breakthrough was embraced by the press and car lovers alike as it made its debut in trade shows across Canada. Devan, now a university grad, was not only convinced to change her own tires – she even joined her mom in the business.