“I won’t always be there to change your tires for you.”

“You don’t want to rely on others to do it.”

“If you got a flat in an area without cell signal, you’d be in danger.”

It all started with a simple thought.

After seeing her husband struggle with changing tires over the years and wanting her eldest daughter to be confident in changing her own before leaving for school, Anna had an idea. What first started out as a drawing on a napkin became a product embraced by the press and car lovers alike.

Anna’s invention, The Jack and Jill of All Tires, debuted in 2018 at the Canadian International AutoShow as a tool to help make tire changing easy and painless. Once graduating from university Anna’s daughter, Devan, joined the company to help grow the business.

Tire changing can be a daunting task for some and a chore for others, which is why the idea of Jack and Jill encourages men and women to feel confident and safe when changing their tires. The Jack and Jill of All Tires continues to gain recognition as an essential tool for tire changing and strives for critical acclaim in innovation within the automotive industry.