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Why the AutoShow?

At first glance inventing sounds simple, but when you begin the process you’ll find that you are faced with a lot of questions: Has someone already thought of this? Will people use it? How will people find out about it?

Transforming your ideas into an actual product is an exciting process. However, once it’s complete, you’re now faced with the decision of how to introduce it into the market-place. 

With all the time and effort put into something you are passionate about, all you can hope for is that your project has a positive and successful response. And that is why we will forever be grateful for the opportunity to showcase the Jack and Jill of All Tires at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto. 

2018 CIAS

The Jack and Jill of All Tires makes its debut! Launching full force, our booth included a Fiat 500 to show our product in action and a raffle draw to win a Jack and Jill of All Tires! We also set up a life size photo prop of Jack and Jill as a fun and interactive way to enjoy the AutoShow.



In an interview with Emily Atkins from the Toronto Star, she perfectly highlighted the Jack and Jill of All Tires and helped feature our goals in the article.

“Our intention is to really help people feel more comfortable with changing their own tires and to feel safe on the road. We feel that there’s no better way to launch than at this year’s CIAS” (Devan Tommasini). 

Auto Show

The recognition from the Toronto Star was huge for us. I mean, how cool is that?

We also had the opportunity to participate in the AutoShow Live panel discussions for new products which was a great experience as well. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better launch of the Jack and Jill of All Tires at the 2018 CIAS and we left the show with amazing feedback, new friends and excitement for 2019. 

2019 CIAS

This was our second year at the AutoShow and we couldn’t have been more excited. With such great feedback and interest from our previous year, we couldn’t wait to showcase the Jack and Jill of All Tires in a new location and upgraded booth. We said goodbye to the Fiat 500 and created a fender and wheel prop to give live demos of the Jack and Jill.


And of course, the Jack and Jill photo prop was a big hit AGAIN!



Our favourite moments throughout the show were seeing familiar faces from our previous year. In addition, we had a chance to meet some of our online customers and received positive feedback and support. Engaging with new and familiar people was invaluable in our second year.

2020 Canadian International AutoShow 


Gearing up for round 3! We’re incredibly excited for the 2020 CIAS and hope to see you all there! Stop by for exclusive deals on the Jack and Jill of All Tires and fun activities for the whole family!

Find Jack and Jill on level 600 in the South Building, right beside the stairs. 

Location: Toronto Metropolitan Convention Centre 

Dates: February 14-23, 2020